stephex horsetrucks


STX Finance is the Stephex Group’s rental company.

Thanks to the financial strength of the Stephex Group, STX Finance is able to offer financing solutions, in the form of long term rentals, to clients wishing to acquire their own STX vehicles (Motorhome, Horsetruck, STX 2 Horses van).

The principle is straightforward and ensures a rapid solution:

Duration: 36-60 months

Initial rental payment: 20% of the investment value

Residual value: 3-16% of the investment value

Truck registered in STX Finance’s name

Rental includes insurance, Belgian taxes and financing. (Maintenance is at the client’s charge.)

The system is highly efficient, relieving you of all the administrative hassle and providing a fiscal advantage by means of the initial rental payment.

Thanks to this solution, you can enjoy the experience of having your own STX Horsetruck straightaway, for 1,850 euros + VAT per month, and your own STX 2 Horses van for 765 euros + VAT per month.

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