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Winter Leasing Offer – STX 2 Horses

STX 2 Horses Truck in dark background with decorative lighting and leasing offer message layered onto of the image.
We are thrilled to present our limited-time winter offer.
Have you always dreamt of driving your very own STX 2 Horses Truck? Now is the time to turn your dream into a reality. Our incredible leasing offer of only €499 (ex VAT) a month, means that our trucks are even more affordable than ever. Do not miss out! The offer will only be running until the 15th January 2021.


Overview: STX 2 Horses
Single cabin, Stallionlayout.
Renault or Opel chassis.

Hurry! This offer is only available for a limited-time and when it is over, it is truly over.


Sales Director – Horsetrucks
+32 478 44 76 63


Sales Representative – STX 2 Horses
+32 478 78 99 80

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