Introducing The STX Triple 7

Following the increasing demand from professional riders and grooms for a safe, comfortable, and convenient truck for 7 horses, we are proud to present our latest creation: The Triple 7.

The truck meets all the requirements’ that users and horses could hope to have and is built on the new & facelifted chassis of the powerful Volvo FH540.

Welfare of horses:

The STX 777 is a transporter offering a “real” 7-horses’ space of at least 800mm per horse, a large side ramp of 1900mm, a main entrance door, 3 large skylights, the new LED light lines and our new anchoring tunnel of separators with integrated aerators. We have also foreseen the big tackbox with a lift and the maximum number of outside lockers. The pre-installation of the ONAN generator is additionally foreseen.

Welfare of occupants:

The STX 777 with his modern and innovative design offers an unequalled comfortable living space for a 7-horses’ truck: sleeping facilities for up to 6 people, Pop Out and Push Up, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, a vast amount of practical storage spaces and an innovative access to the bed above the bathroom. We can offer the interior in a total of 6 luxury colour pallets.

Discover the video presentation of The STX Triple 7 :

Contact our sales team today for more information:

Tom Kerkhofs

Sales Director Horsetrucks

+32 478 44 76 63

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