Expanding in the USA

Founded in 2015, STX USA has expanded rapidly over the past 6 years and has now established itself as the biggest seller of horse vans in the USA.

Our sales from year 1 vs year 6 have grown by a staggering 185%!

The STX European designed trucks are offered on the American-made chassis, Ram Promaster, creating a dynamic option for horse transport in the US. The STX Vans are built by the same production process that made STX Europe the most reliable and successful horse transport manufacturer.

And we have now decided to take STX USA to the next level and offer our STX Horsetrucks to the US market! The trucks will be built, like the vans, on an American-made chassis. In this case on the Volvo 500 HP VNR. We expect great things for the future of STX USA and are excited to provide more of our incredible products to the American market.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our USA sales representatives:

+1 (847) 345 04 04

+1 (559) 281-0115

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