STX Scania P 410 9 horses

  • Brand: STX  
  • Chassis: Scania P
  • Weight: 26T
  • Side Ramp: 2 side ramps
  • Pop-Outs: No pop-out
  • Push-up: No push-up
  • Horses: 9
  • Year: 2020


Horse Area

Rubber flooring
Cooling fans
Surveillance camera
Adjustable partitions
Side and rear ramp
Blanket rack
Saddle cupboard
Temperature registration
Water hose
Water tank

Living Area

Luxurious upholstered walls
Upholstered leathers seats
Satellite TV
Flat screen
Exclusive audio system
Split air-conditioning system
Split heating system
Microwave oven
Ceramic cooking top

Bathroom Area

Shower with thermostatic tap
Electrical socket
Towel dryer


Clean water supply and waste water supply
Power supply 220 V Table 24
Outdoor lights
External light motion sensor
Frost free water system


Cameras (horse area and rearview)
9 horses 2 side ramps 1 rear ramp folding partitions LED lights ventilation blanket rack basement under living living area with 2 beds kitchen unit full bathroom airco heating frost free water tanks tv leather seats Scania 6 x 2 steering rear axle full air suspension automatic gearbox 410 hp gps 2 pneumatic spring seats

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