STX Tackbox Small

  • Brand: STX  
  • Year: 2021
Our small tackbox is ideal for storing equipment used for everyday training or in the show life. The tackbox has a convenient structure making it easy and efficient to use for grooms and riders.

The outside is simple but elegant and the inside provides multiple drawers, saddle holders, a place for several bridles, a whip holder and more storage compartments. Furthermore, the side handles and the four rubber wheels guarantee easy transportation for all of your trips.

Everyone knows the struggle of fitting every single piece of equipment in the truck before the show. Both of our tackboxes fit into all models of our large horsetrucks and we have developed a new extra option for our STX 2 Horses!

Due to a updated available structure implemented in our STX 2 Horses trucks, the tackbox can be placed in easily without taking space away from the horse area. The completely removable head partitions mean that even the big tack box can fit inside. The side ramp makes it easy to load and unload the heavy tackbox for the rider or groom.

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