Why is it Important to Keep the Tank of your Horsetruck Full When Arriving at the Show?

Before heading out to the show, it is important to make sure that your Stephex Horsetruck is in top condition. One aspect of this is ensuring that your diesel tank is full, as your Horsetruck is equipped with a heating system that runs on diesel. This is especially vital during the cold winter months.

If you arrive at the showground with an empty or partially-filled diesel tank, you may find that your heating system is not able to function properly.

To avoid this problem, it is important to keep your diesel tank full especially before leaving for the showground. When stationary at the show,  your whole team will stay warm and avoid catching the cold throughout athletic performances.

In summary, filling your Horsetrucks diesel tank before arriving at the showground is an important step in maintaining your Horsetruck, and keeping yourself healthy.  Don’t forget to check your fuel levels regularly and fill up as needed to avoid any problems on the road.

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