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Stephex Service App – Support Page

This page concerned the Stephex Service App listed as the “App” below and owned by Stephex Holding VA, a Belgian company BE0899.130.117, located in Lovegemstraat 8, 1861 Wolvertem, Belgium.

1. General

This App is devoted to helping our clients during the daily use of your truck. In case, you encountered some issues with your truck, this App will provide you an immediate assistance and technical information.

It is possible to report every issue find in a truck by filling up a report declaration in the App. Technicians will get in touch right away to help every client, all over Europe. They will use the instant messaging chat included and advice with the information contents and media proposed in the App.

2. Help

  1. Login

Note that the login is made with the credentials of one truck. Every ticket opened with this App will be attached to the truck used to log in.
In case, you cannot find the chassis number or the production code of your vehicle to log in, please contact our team or your preferred contact at Stephex.

  1. Usage

In case you have difficulties using the App or with any other questions, you have a special team ready to assist you. The team is available during the week:

3. To the Future

Multiple more functionalities are already in development for the next version of the App. Nevertheless, we are highly interested in all the ideas you may have about this tool. If you think about some features you should include in this App, feel free to let us know. In the same way, if you believe in some needed improvements, you will be pleased to know about it.

You can communicate with us by email:

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