Flore De Winne: From Belgian Dressage Championships to Olympic Glory

Flore De Winne recently achieved a stunning victory at the Belgian Dressage Championships, earning the title of Belgian Dressage Champion in the Big Tour and winning a prestigious STX Tackbox. With the Belgian Championships behind her and her official selection for the Belgian dressage team for the Olympics, De Winne is now fully focused on preparing for the upcoming Games.

A Year to Remember

Reflecting on the past year, Flore De Winne described it as spectacular. “The Belgian Dressage Championship was the cherry on the cake that was still missing. Aside from the Olympic Games, achieving something like this in Belgium was the final piece we needed,” she said. The victory was made even sweeter by the support of the home crowd. “Competing in Belgium doesn’t happen often for us anymore. The fact that so many people came to watch made it even more special.”

Competing in Belgium doesn’t happen often for us anymore. The fact that so many people came to watch made it even more special.

Flore De Winne, Belgian Dressage Rider

Flore is proud of her performance at the championships. “I was able to ride three good tests. For me, it’s important to ride clean tests first and then focus on the extras. With no major mistakes, I believe we performed well,” she explained. Her Grand Prix Special was a standout moment. “We hadn’t ridden it in over a year, and to get a score of 73.5% was incredible. It’s the test needed for the team competition at the Olympics, so this score gave me a real boost looking forward to the Olympic Games.”

The Joy of Victory

Describing the moment, she realized she had won on the Belgian Championships, Flore recounted, “I was the last combination, so it was a wait for the scores to come up. I was just leaving the ring when I heard my dad shouting, so I immediately knew. It was truly amazing, with everyone around, and all those beautiful prizes.”

Among the prizes at the championships was a STX Tackbox, which Flore finds very useful. “I use it constantly, at home or on the road. My current one is old and heavy, so this new one came just in time. It will definitely go with us to the Olympics.”

She attributes much of her success to her horse, Flynn. “He’s an incredible horse, always giving his best and doing his job. Knowing he’s there gives me confidence. He’s always in ‘business mode’ with a bit of arrogance,” she laughs. “That really adds that extra sparkle to him.”

The Olympic Games

With the Olympics on the horizon, Flore is focused on preparation. “After the Belgian Championships I promised Flynn some rest, which he’s had. Now we are getting fully ready for the Olympic games.

Team Stephex wishes Flore and Flynn the best of luck during the Olympic Games.

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