LRV’s Team Building Event at Stephex Stables

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Landelijke Rijvereniging Vlaanderen for their team building day at our Stephex Stables. As proud sponsors of LRV, it was a meaningful opportunity to welcome their team and showcase our facilities.

During their visit, the LRV team had the chance to experience more than just a typical stable tour. They interacted with our horses, learning about their care routines and the special bond that exists between horse and rider.

One of the highlights of the day was when the team received exclusive insights from our top rider, Kendra Claricia Brinkop, who shared her experiences and expertise in competitive riding. They also participated in a Q&A session with Christoph Schwieters, our Stable Manager, who provided valuable perspectives on stable management and the intricacies of maintaining a world-class equestrian facility.

It was a fantastic day, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to LRV for choosing Stephex as a pitstop for their team building experience.

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