Unveiling the newest AKX Horsetruck

As equestrian enthusiasts, we constantly seek the pinnacle of comfort, safety, and functionality for our equine companions. Our AKX Mercedes Actros L has undergone a marvel of upgrades and innovations that enhances comfort and functionality during your journeys.

The Exterior

Starting with the exterior, the AKX boasts a stunning new side profile. The addition of new windows enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and allows loads of natural light to shine in, creating a bright and inviting space. The AKX Mercedes Actros L makes your journey overall a refreshing experience.

AKX Mercedes Actros L – Exterior

Inside luxury living

When you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a completely new layout in the living area. The bathroom has been expanded, providing a larger toilet and a built-in shower tray. The bedroom offers a wider space for a restful night’s sleep. New material details throughout the interior add a touch of luxury and refinement.

The kitchen has been equipped with better amenities, allowing you to create culinary delights on the go. All AKX Mercedes Actros L vehicles have now a bigger fridge, catering to your need for ample storage space. Even in the case of a smaller cabin, the biggest passenger occupancy has been thoughtfully incorporated to maximize comfort. Furthermore, a new pouf design adds a touch of elegance and versatility to the living area.

Horse Area

In the horse area, the focus remains on the well-being of our equine companions. The area has been expanded, providing more space for your horses to move and stretch in. Improved ventilation is ensured with six ventilators and three roof windows, facilitating optimal airflow. With larger windows, horses can enjoy a refreshing breeze and take in the beautiful surroundings.

The last notable feature is the option of an exterior tack locker. This thoughtful addition allows for easy access to feed bins within the horse part, making your equestrian routines more streamlined.

The new AKX Horsetruck embodies the perfect harmony of aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. It represents a new era of equestrian travel, where every detail is designed to exceed expectations. We invite you to experience the AKX Mercedes Actros L firsthand and witness the exceptional upgrades that will redefine your equestrian adventures.

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