5 Benefits of an Automatic Transmission in a Horsetruck

If you’ve ever traveled with horses, you know how important it is to ensure a comfortable and safe ride for your horses. A crucial part of this experience is choosing the right vehicle, and one of the key considerations is the type of transmission. In this blog post, we’ll explore five benefits of an automatic transmission for your Stephex Horsetruck.

Smooth Riding

Horses are sensitive creatures, and they can react strongly to jolts and vibrations while traveling. An automatic transmission provides seamless gear transitions, ensuring your horses have a calm and comfortable travel experience without sudden jolts that could upset them.

Imagine driving through varying terrains or encountering traffic conditions where frequent gear changes are necessary. With an automatic transmission, these transitions are smooth and unnoticeable to the horses. This consistency in movement helps maintain a sense of calm and comfort for the animals throughout the journey.

Easy to Operate

With an automatic transmission, you don’t need to constantly shift. This means you can dedicate your attention to the road ahead and prioritize the well-being and safety of your horses without the added distraction of manual gear changes. It’s a practical solution that simplifies the driving experience, allowing horse owners to navigate their journeys with greater ease and peace of mind.

Less Stress for the Driver

Driving a horsetruck can already be quite stressful, especially during long hauls or when navigating through heavy traffic. But with an automatic transmission, some of that stress melts away. Instead of worrying about shifting gears constantly, you can concentrate on steering and keeping your horses safe and comfortable. It’s a game-changer that significantly reduces the mental load, allowing you to tackle the road with more ease and peace of mind.

Ideal for Beginners

For those just starting out in driving with a horsetruck, getting the hang of shifting gears might feel like a big hurdle. But with an automatic transmission, that challenge disappears. Newcomers can focus on improving their driving skills without the added stress of mastering complex shifting patterns. It’s like having a helpful guide that makes learning to drive a horsetruck much simpler and less intimidating. With an automatic transmission, beginners can build confidence behind the wheel faster and concentrate on driving safely and effectively.

Better Control on Hills

Maneuvering on steep inclines can be challenging, especially with a heavily loaded horsetruck. An automatic transmission automatically adjusts to the right gear, giving you more control when driving up and down hills, enhancing the safety of you and your horses.


In summary, an automatic transmission offers numerous benefits for horsetruck owners, including a smoother ride for your horses, less stress for the driver, and easier operation, making it a smart choice for anyone seeking comfort, convenience, and safety while traveling with horses.

If you’re in the market for a reliable horsetruck equipped with an automatic transmission, consider exploring our STX 2Horsetruck vehicles.

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