Interview with Lovisa Munter, Groom of Jonna Ekberg

Lovisa Munter, the groom of Swedish Show Jumper Jonna Ekberg, has been driving her STX Horsetruck for two years as they attend shows all over Europe. This year she headed to Spain and back for the second time already. “Driving is one of the things I enjoy the most about this job, and that’s why I’m grateful to have a truck that is such a pleasure to drive.” 

Check out the full interview with Lovisa below and find out what is her ideal truck !

“One of greatest things when working as a groom for Stephex Stables is that we get to drive top quality, brand new trucks. I’ve been driving my six horse Scania for two years now and I absolutely love it !”

I’ve always loved cars and now I’m also really interested in trucks in general. “Driving is one of the things I enjoy the most about this job, and that’s why I’m grateful to have a truck that is such a pleasure to drive.” (Note du traducteur : attention, phrase répétée – voir plus haut)

My truck is a Scania P-series. It is the Scania with the lower cab than the S-series. Driving it feels like driving a little go kart and I rarely feel like the road is too narrow for me to get anywhere while I’m driving this truck.

I’m a little spoiled since my Scania has a pop out, but even without it it’s still a great travel companion that feels like a second home. For me, the ideal truck has space for six or seven horses. I was a bit worried at first as it felt like it might be too tight since it only fits six horses, but it’s never been a problem really because there’s so much space to store the equipment in the storage cabins outside. Mine also has the tack locker on the outside, which is great when we’re doing national shows. As for the living amenities, let’s just say that it’s always good to have a big water tank, a good bed and a functional kitchen !  I’m lucky to have all three with this truck.

I could go on for hours about all the things I love about this truck. Of course, what really matters in the end is that the horses are safe and comfortable during shipping. Our horses are always super relaxed after they’ve traveled. Even the ones who maybe didn’t travel so well in the past or didn’t load easily… they calm down eventually and they all really do well on long hauls now.”

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