Why Stephex Luxury Horsetrucks are Trusted by the Greatest Equestrians in the Entire World

            Traveling to and from horse shows and events is something that nearly everyone in the equine world has to deal with. When it comes to traveling with the horse, it is often seen as a monotonous routine: loading the horse onto the trailer, closing the hatch, and driving off. Yet, what if this experience could be redefined into something more? Our team at Stephex Horsetrucks has happily innovated traveling with the horse by creating luxury horse trucks that completely change the game.

The Idea Behind the Luxury Horse Truck

            To have the best for the horse is a must. Yet, if we forget about the riders and grooms, what good will that do for the horses? The rider is the one who must pilot their partner in the arena, while the groom must be fit for duty around the clock in order to always be there for the horse. Of course, the horse needs to be well rested and comfortable, but so do the people working around this athlete. The equestrian motorcoach redefines equestrian travel by combining RV with a large horse truck. This allows for the best to be achieved for all of the team no matter the destination. Afterall, only when the team works can the dream work, and optimum performance for everyone can only happen when all details are considered into the long-term plan.

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A Focus on the Horse

            Horse trucks are created first and foremost with the horse in mind. The idea behind these machines is to produce an experience as close to home to the horse all while keeping them safe. Luxury horse trucks include features such as rubber flooring, fans, cameras, and plenty of ventilation. This ensures that your partners arrive soundly no matter the situation in order to perform the best that they can. Extreme heat, difficult roads, you name it, this vehicle is equipped to handle anything. In addition, there is plenty of storage space for gear such as blankets and saddles. The team can easily keep everything organized and clean even with a busy schedule.

The Entire Team Travels in Style and Comfort

            They say it’s about the journey, not the destination. Combining elegance with class in the design, the luxury motorhomes and horse trucks allow for the journey to occur in safety and comfort. This bold machine allows for the team to breathe in peace, and the horses to feel welcome while traveling. As well as ensuring the top well-being for the horses, these large yet practical motorhomes include living quarters for both the rider and groom to always live in style and ease. For instance, the STX Mercedes Actros L offered by Stephex Horsetrucks not only has surveillance cameras, a water hose, and temperature registration for the animal, but also all of the necessary high-tech amenities such as satellite TV, split air-conditioning/heating systems, and a shower for full comfort of the rider/grooms. These equine motorhomes are capable of transporting anywhere from four to nine horses, depending on your needs. Other features such as pop-outs, tack box with a lift, underfloor heating, skylight, color, and more can all be customized based on your and your teams’ needs. Stephex Horsetrucks also offers various other equine motorhome brands including Ketterer and AKX. All of the motorhomes are built either on Mercedes, Volvo, or Scania chassis.

The Choice of the Best

Testimonies to the greatness of equestrian motorcoaches can be found in the success of numerous riders that trust in Stephex Horsetrucks. Among some of these riders is Scott Brash of the United Kingdom. A decorated rider who, thanks to his partner Hello Sanctos, won the Rolex Grand Slam of show jumping in 2015. Daniel Deusser is also another great who trusts in Stephex Horsetrucks to get his horses to and from some of the biggest competitions on the Earth. At the end of the day, a team working together to build greatness knows that no detail should be spared. More details about some of the Stephex Horsetruck ambassadors can be found here.

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Greatness Comes in All Sizes

            There is and should always be something out there for everyone. Besides luxurious motorhomes for equestrians, our team at Stephex also builds smaller horse trucks for the average owner with one or two horses built on Renault, Opel, or Mercedes chassis. Some of our other projects include the STX living trailer, STX stud trailer (for young horses, stallions, or mares with foals), the STX groom suite, and more. With all our team creates, we ensure that every detail was thought through when designing these vehicles, from extra padding for the mare and foal to a good kitchen space for the groom to enjoy. The experience of safety and comfort is paramount to our success, even with our significantly smaller projects.

Our team cherishes your love for the horse, which is why we created Stephex Horsetrucks in the first place. These vehicles embrace our love for horses as well as luxury, comfort, and style to create a truly phenomenal experience. With the ultimate goal to connect opulence with practicability, we considered everyone from the horses to the grooms when designing the motorcoach.

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