Mastering Design and Engineering: The Stephex Horsetrucks Journey

Thanks to constant innovation the Stephex Horsetrucks have become a familiar sight on roads worldwide. With our three distinct brands (STX, AKX, and Ketterer) the company has solidified its position as an international leader in the industry.

Design and Engineering

The entire process, from design to delivery, is managed within the Stephex Group: “The process begins with close collaboration between our engineering, design, and sales teams. We gather input from customers, considering their preferences and specific needs. Once we have a clear vision, we create detailed 3D models and prototypes to refine the design”, explains Tom Kerkhofs, the Stephex Horsetrucks Sales Director.

Production of the horsetrucks takes place in Hungary. The large-scale factory of Stephex employs about 500 people. “In our factory, all trucks are made by hand. We focus on quality and accuracy. A thorough quality check ensures that all our products are produced correctly and with great care.”

“A thorough quality check ensures that all our products are produced correctly and with great care”

– Tom Kerkhofs, Sales Director Stephex Horsetrucks

Quality and Functionality

Tom emphasizes the quality of the Stephex Horsetrucks: “We prioritize using high-quality materials that provide durability, stability, and safety. The horsetrucks boast impressive functionality. They feature luxurious living spaces with sleeping accommodations for up to 6 people, expansive bathrooms, well-equipped kitchens, and ample storage. The horses also enjoy a comfortable space with easy-loading ramps, advanced light technology, optimal ventilation, and more.”

Customization is a strong suit of Stephex Horsetrucks. Different interior layouts, equipment, and optional features are offered to cater individual preferences and needs. “Our teams work closely with customers to create personalized solutions, ensuring their Horsetruck is tailored perfectly to their style and requirements”, Tom says.

“A thorough quality check ensures that all our products are produced correctly and with great care”

Tom Kerkhofs

Customer Service and Garage Support

The company’s after-sales service is what sets the Stephex Horsetrucks apart from the competition, with an extensive service team dedicated to maintaining strong customer relationships. “The service team aims to provide comprehensive support after the initial purchase. Prompt and reliable maintenance services are offered to ensure that each Horsetruck continues to perform optimally throughout its life. Customers can rest assured that their vehicles are in capable hands, as the service team consists of highly skilled technicians with a broad expertise of the Stephex Horsetrucks”, Tom goes on.

International Success

Stephex Horsetrucks’ success extends beyond Belgium, with an ever-growing international presence. The company’s dealership partners and Stephex Ambassadors, represent the brand’s values and commitment to excellence. They contribute to the brand’s global reputation. Showcasing versatility and adaptability, Stephex Horsetrucks continue to be the preferred choice for equestrians across various disciplines worldwide.

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