New AKX Ambassador: Jos Verbeeck

Our ambassador team is getting bigger! We’re thrilled to announce Jos Verbeeck as the latest addition to our team of AKX Ambassadors. With a remarkable career and outstanding achievements in horse racing, he’ll now be representing the AKX brand alongside our other notable ambassadors.

Introducing Jos Verbeeck

Jos Verbeeck’s journey in horse racing began at the tender age of five, marking the start of an exceptional career that would leave a mark on the equestrian world. His innate talent was evident from the outset, as he placed second in his very first competitive race. By the age of fourteen, Verbeeck was already competing in prestigious races across Belgium, setting the stage for numerous victories to come. Notably, he secured victory in the Prix d’Amérique on four occasions and triumphed in the Grand Prix of Wallonia twice.

His New AKX Truck

Recently, Verbeeck acquired his brand-new AKX 2 Horse Renault Master with Double Cabin, tailored to his preferences with a personalized design and sulky layout. Verbeeck is happy with his new truck, especially for the double cabin that offers extra space.

“The extra space is a significant improvement and makes traveling with my horses much more comfortable”

Jos Verbeeck

A Perfect Partnership

The partnership between Jos Verbeeck and Stephex Horsetrucks is a natural fit. Both share a deep passion for equestrian excellence and a drive for perfection. As an AKX ambassador, Verbeeck will showcase our AKX brand, demonstrating its features, benefits, and durability to horse owners and trainers, further strengthening the bond between riders and our top-quality products.

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