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Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success.

This motto describes what we strive for with our horse trucks including all brands STX, AKX and KETTERER. Our team of developers and engineers are continuously working on improving the vehicles to achieve an even higher level of comfort and performance not just for the riders, but also for the horses during the transport.

The developments of the vehicles are based on the feedback and requirements of our customers to provide a genuine solution for all demands. We welcome criticism, as this is how we grow and improve. Luckily though, this is not a regular occurrence and the positive reviews we receive are substantial.

We are proud to provide, amongst other noteworthy equestrians, the highly prominent Philippaerts family with our STX vehicles for horse transportation.

“Stephex Horsetrucks was the right choice for us, because of the quality and service they offer. Over the years Stephex has constantly been improving the quality and comfortability of their trucks. Having a Stephex Horsetruck means that my horses and our staff are working with the best quality and safety on the market. We believe that when purchasing a truck, the sale process should be easy and understandable. This is the case when working with Stephex and that is why we have been driving Stephex Horsetrucks for the last 15 years.” – Olivier Philippaerts

Would you like to have the same advantages as the best riders? What are you waiting for?!

Contact us now!

Tom Kerkhofs

Sales Director – Horsetrucks

+32 478447663


Lien Hendrickx

Sales Representative – STX 2 Horses

+32 478789989


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