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STX Finance was founded a few years ago when we noticed there was a need for a quick, simple & readily available financing solution for our clients purchasing our Horsetrucks. We scaled rapidly, due to the high demand and now more than 60% of trucks purchased from Stephex go through STX Finance. In addition, we have started to help finance luxury cars.

Let’s take a closer look:

We know the equestrian industry all too well and we are a community from across the world. In the warmer European months our fellow riders from far and wide flock to join us here at our beautiful shows across the continent. As hundreds pour in the need to be able to transport horses from show to show remains a constant issue. This is why many opt to purchase horse trucks here, as well as back at home. Not only that, but a vast majority have in fact decided to have two bases: One in their home country and one here in Europe, very often in Belgium.

However, being a globe trotter means that it is not always that simple or easy to approach foreign banks and ask for loans, especially to purchase a horse trucks, as often they do not wish to finance such a niche product which they do not know well, or because they have a standard approach.

Moreover, this means that the process is time consuming, takes a lot of administration, back and forth and ultimately you could be declined due to the specificity of your file and situation.

This is where we come in. We offer our financing solutions to a wide range of specific situations. We do not ask for mountains of paperwork, as we know the product better than anyone.

Applying for STX Finance can literally be finalised in the day and you can be driving your truck the day after out of our garage. We are not only attractive to foreigners, but also to our fellow Belgians. They often prefer to have an easy, complete and one-stop shopping experience, which includes the choice of their vehicle and the financing package without the inconvenience of conventional financing – plus they would like to benefit from our incredible package deal. Included in the package is your insurance, road tax, etc. Hassle free financing is what we are all about.

Our financing is broken down in the following way: 20% down payment, 60 months duration, with a rest value of 16%.

STX Finance – quick, easy & creditable financing. Why not contact a member of our financial team today and join the Stephex success story:

+32 2 319 52 52

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