Winter Tips from Stephex

You do not use the truck in the winter?

  • Store your truck with a full fuel tank to avoid condensation in the tank, have sufficient fuel for heating and generator (if wall power would fail)
  • Make sure your truck is always on wall power
  • Check the power on the wall socket regularly
  • Put an electric heater in the living to avoid moisture
  • Empty all water tanks and blow the pipes empty with compressed air
  • Make sure the wiper fluid is filled with anti-freeze
  • Keep the pop-outs closed

You use it during wintertime?

  • Try to keep the fuel tank as full as possible
  • Use wall power as much as possible to avoid the freezing of the water
  • Do not close pop outs when snow or ice is on top
  • Do not open or close the satellite dish with snow or ice on top
  • Keep a small bag with salt in the truck to defreeze the area where you unload the horses
  • Do a daily check of the electrical system

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